Ride the Dragon Feel the Kure

Herbal Medical Institute LLC was established/ licensed in 2010 as a Medical Marijuana Infused Product Manufacturer (MIP). HMI products use 100% natural ingredients while keeping our prices comparable to other companies mixing cannabis with artificial ingredients. We are a small company whose mission is to provide the best in quality and purity of medicinal and recreational marijuana products in a safe and compliant manner.

Dragon Oils

All our Gold oil is made from Top shelf strain specific flower and trim using our Cold Ethanol extraction process and then packaged in our syringes for easier dosing. Some strains testing higher than 80% THC! All of our oils are fully decarboxylated .

*Works Great for vaping

* Syringes for Easy dabbing







Dragon Caviar & Dragon Sticks

Each of our Caviar Sticks are packed with 1.5 grams of stain specific caviar into convenient RAW cones. Some testing as high as 40% total THC!

*Over 100 grams of black oil are used per pound of flower.

*easy and convenient

*Great for shows or parties

*Great for pain relief, nausea, or anxiety

Green Dragon Elixirs

Our Green Dragon CBD Elixirs are also made with cannabis essential oils along with 72 Ionic Trace Minerals, Mangosteen, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, and Blueberries to create an antioxidant rich superfood elixir with the potential to rejuvenate nerves and alleviate pain.  Nothing artificial, No Sugar Added.

Dragon Vape Cartridges

Our product is 100% hash oil with 100% organic CBD crystal and nothing more. This spectacular formula uses CBD crystal and hash without having to use artificial fillers to get your pen to smoke.

-Is 100% Natural! Doesn’t contain Propylene Glycol or Polyethylene Glycol like other Vape Catridges

*Contains our premium strain specific Gold Oil, infused with CBD crystals

*Provides discrete and convenient vaping

*Great on the go

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